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Parental Visitation Rights in Arizona

If you are going through a divorce or legal separation and need to work out child custody and a visitation schedule, it may be possible to create an innovative plan that works best for you, your spouse and your children. It is often helpful to resolve these matters out of court, as it is less time consuming and expensive. At The Law Offices of Kevin Jensen, our legal team is experienced in assisting clients with legal matters involving custody and visitation rights. We can effectively represent your interests either in negotiations with your spouse or in court—whatever is necessary to better protect your rights and interests. In working with an attorney from our firm, you will have the benefit of our dedication and knowledge as we guide you through this difficult process.

Your Rights

If you are the non-custodial parent of a child or children, you can seek specific visitation rights that will enable you to spend time with your children. Our firm is experienced in representing both parties in these matters, including the parent seeking visitation and the custodial parent seeking to deny or limit visitation. If you are searching for a family attorney for a visitation rights case in Arizona, we may be able to help you.

When the court becomes involved in these matters, the judge will make a ruling based upon a number of factors, all of which add up to what is determined to be “in the best interests of the child.” Having a competent lawyer at your side is very helpful in ensuring that your side of the story is effectively communicated to the judge and that you and your child’s interests are properly represented.

Visitation Schedules Arizona

For children, change is extremely difficult to deal with. No matter how young or how old a child may be, change can be hard. So, in heated domestic law disputes such as divorce or annulment, it is always important to keep your child’s best interests in mind. In cases like child custody and child support, visitation rights are just as important. In an ideal world, children would have the privilege of interacting with both parents through a visitation schedule. Working with an experienced and compassionate Arizona divorce attorney can help ensure that a fair visitation schedule is established and agreed upon.

Like any family law case, fairness must be achieved as it is for the benefit of your family and yourself. It is always helpful to remember that the way you and your partner act towards one another will have some sort of effect on your children. So, if you and your domestic spouse cannot seem to agree on a visitation schedule, our knowledgeable divorce lawyers can use over 20 years of experience to help resolve the issue and seek a solution that keeps in mind the best interests of your family.

Consulting an Arizona Divorce Attorney

We offer an initial consultation to discuss your matter. We are dedicated to our clients’ future wellbeing. If you are facing an issue regarding visitation rights, do not hesitate in contacting our firm to receive outstanding representation. We proudly provide a case evaluation to all potential clients, so call today!

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