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Obtaining Temporary Restraining Orders

Need an attorney to file your TRO?

A temporary restraining order (TRO) is a type of restraining order issued for short-term only; it normally lasts only until the court can hear further evidence. TROs usually last while the court decides if there is sufficient evidence to actually move forward in further legal action. It can be granted to the party asking for it without advance warning to the party to whom the temporary restraining order is directed. The order is granted to prevent the perpetrator from somehow preventing the other party from actually being able to file the temporary restraining order, as it is often the case that the victim may be otherwise harmed.

Usually, restraining orders are not permanent—most are temporary. They exist because of the need for immediate action to prevent further harassment or even injury. A permanent restraining order can take months or years because it involves a full hearing, but an initial restraining order can be rapidly obtained. For the emergency type situation, a person can seek a TRO. This will last only until both parties can appear in court, usually a matter of a few days.

As is obvious, having a trustworthy and experienced attorney representing you is crucial for your safety and peace of mind. With our expertly trained attorneys, you can rest assured you will be in good hands. The Law Offices of Kevin Jensen will ensure your interests are safeguarded and that the process is completed rapidly.

Arizona Lawyers for Temporary Restraining Orders

The person you file a restraining order against my attempt to have the restraining order lifted. This can occur later when the hearing is held. It is vital to have a lawyer’s representation to ensure that your much-needed restraining order remains in place. It is unwise to jeopardize your safety simply because you do not have the legal representation you need to present evidence as to why your restraining order is valid and necessary. Contact our law firm for a consultation.

Contact an Arizona restraining order lawyer at our firm today for your consultation.

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