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Grounds for Divorce in Arizona

Arizona Law for Divorce

Arizona is a “no-fault” divorce state, meaning you do not have to have a reason such as adultery or abuse to file. However, you must have grounds to file for divorce.

There are two grounds for divorce:

  • Irreconcilable Differences – A situation where the marriage is irreparably broken. You and your spouse will not be able to save the marriage even with numerous attempts to do so.
  • Incurable Insanity – An option that is rarely used and refers to a situation where one spouse is insane and remains incurably insane, with medical proof of this.

The Law Offices of Kevin Jensen represents clients throughout Mesa, Scottsdale, Chandler, Gilbert and Queen Creek who are considering divorce. We handle all divorce & family law matters in the state of Arizona. Our team can help determine whether you qualify to file (you must have resided in the state for a minimum of 6 months and in the county for at least three months) and can establish the grounds for your divorce. When you work with our firm, you can rest assured that your case will be handled in a professional and efficient matter. Our lawyers will help resolve your case swiftly so that you can begin moving forward with your life.

Why hire an Arizona divorce lawyer?

Any issue involving a divorce may be highly complex and emotionally charged. Child custody, spousal support and property division are three main issues that must be sorted out either in an out of court agreement or a settlement, or through a court judgment. Having a divorce lawyer at your side to protect your interests and ensure that your case is handled properly will be crucial to reaching terms that will benefit you now and for many years to come. By talking to you about your personal needs and concerns and then working to address these, your attorney can make a difference in your case. If you have questions regarding your particular situation, do not hesitate in contacting our firm and scheduling your case evaluation.

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