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Parenting Plans for Families and Children

According to the Parenting Plans guidelines established by Arizona’s Supreme Court and family law court, research findings show that in an effort to maximize a child’s adjustment to the process of separation or divorce, “parents should cooperatively plan to establish a parenting arrangement that will ensure the child’s right to continuous and frequent contact with both parents.”

No matter what type of child custody guidelines you and your spouse agreed on, the fact remains that there are crucial factors that go into the development of your child. Many of those factors can be influenced and affected by the way you and your spouse treat one another, as well as how you treat your child during this time of change. When developing a parenting plan that is optimal for your child’s development and best interest, you should consider some of the following:

  • Age, gender, and stage of development of your child
  • Emotional, social, and educational needs of your child
  • Health, welfare, and safety of your child
  • Levels of communication, and cooperative behavior between parents
  • Parental ability and support of your child
  • Cultural and social factors

All of these factors play a role, however small or large, in the development of your child during the process of a divorce or marriage dissolution. Ultimately, it takes great cooperation between both parents to ensure a high-quality, stable parent-child relationship. While it is understandable that each child develops uniquely, and even the most civil parents could see complications in their growing child, seeking legal guidance on how to best proceed with your divorce or legal separation could help you during such an emotional and distressful time.

Special Circumstances Affecting Parenting Plans

Every divorce or separation is different, just as each child or parent involved is unique from any other family situation. What may work for you may not work for other families, so seeking legal guidance can help you find a level of consistency and comfort for your family. If you are experiencing especially stressful circumstances such as the following, you may want to consider supervised visitation:

  • Child abuse or neglect from one spouse or parent
  • Serious drug or alcohol abuse or addiction
  • Criminal activity, or repeated jail time sentences
  • Serious mental or psychosocial disorders
  • Domestic violence from your spouse, or parent to child
  • Continuously intense parental disagreement, conflict, or tension

When choosing a parenting plan, parents should always consider their relationship with their child, but also the child’s relationship with the other parent. Always be looking out for the best interest of your child and seek an optimally healthy and stable environment for your child to develop in. If a child’s physical, emotional, or mental well-being is at risk, it has the utmost priority to protect the child. Parents who may be struggling with an uncooperative spouse or violent partner should seek help from an Arizona family law attorney.

Our family lawyers have been helping families with their family law and divorce needs for the past 20 years and we work hard at reaching successful negotiations in tough conflicts. Should a parent refuse to be in your child’s life, or if you prevent the parent from being in the child’s life, serious repercussions could take place. Each family’s circumstance has different factors, but an attorney can help you decide what the best options for your family are and help with the adjustment process back to a life of normalcy.

Benefits of Discussing a Parenting Plan with an Arizona Family Law Attorney

A parenting plan is not just an agreement or regulation for parents. Parenting plans are implemented to create a sense of routine, predictability, and consistency during a time of extreme change for your children. By having an agreed upon plan, children will learn what to expect during this time of transition and create new patterns of day to day life. Our attorneys understand that the last thing you want is dysfunction or more heartache and establishing a stable parenting plan with an Arizona family law lawyer is the best way to ensure that you and your children can get back on your feet. Contact our firm to schedule a case evaluation.

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