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October 2018 Newsletter


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Birthday Celebrations From Kid to Adult

As a kid, I hated having an October birthday. Growing up in Wyoming, the weather was always blustery and cold, so there wasn’t much to do. Meanwhile, it seemed like most of my friends had spring and summer birthdays, which meant they could have what I considered to be fun birthday celebrations. I remember thinking that someday I wanted to be able to celebrate my birthday in … CONTINUE READING

Strange Divorces

There are ideal marriages — and then there are marriages with picture-perfect facades that actually mask deception. Here are the stories of two wives whose worlds were shattered by their husbands’ lies, and who used that deception to help others … CONTINUE READING

the surprising origins of trick-or-treating

As Halloween looms and you load up your grocery cart with candy, you may ask yourself, “Why do I provide these spooky gremlins with a sugar high every Oct. 31, anyway?” Well, when your doorbell starts ringing around 6 p.m. this All Hallows’ Eve, you can thank the Celts for this tradition of candy and costumes … CONTINUE READING

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