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September 2018 Newsletter

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The family reunited.

Kevin Jensen Picks Up His Son From Ecuador

Last month, after two years of exchanging emails and a scant four phone calls, my wife and I finally got to see our son Sam in Ecuador, where he’s spent the past 24 months on a mission for the LDS church. It was an incredible trip, full of fun and eye-opening adventures, but of course, we were just thrilled to hang out with our son again, to see all that he’s been doing, and to marvel at how much he’s grown … CONTINUE READING

Mending a broken heart.

3 Hidden Reasons to Be Optimistic About Your Divorce

When you’re in the throes of a difficult divorce, it can be difficult to feel anything but pain and remorse. It’s the end of something you and your spouse built together, and despite all the ways your relationship has become fractured over the years, it’s always hard to leave it behind. But while you’re finalizing your divorce papers and dealing with the pain of the past, a new era of your life begins … CONTINUE READING

Ribeye steak.

Beef grades decoded

If you’ve ever purchased a cut of beef or strolled past the meat counter at your local grocery store, you’ve probably noticed the different grades of beef. The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has guidelines for the meat sold in stores across the country. Before the meat is sold, it receives a grade. As a shopper, it can be difficult to understand what these grades really mean … CONTINUE READING

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