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August 2018 Newsletter

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Antique pocket watch and book.

Kevin Jensen’s Amazing Grandfather

On the long and winding path to the person I am today, there were a ton of people who steered me right. Whether these mentors were providing me with sage advice or simply living by example, they’ve left an indelible impact on my life that I’ll never forget. I’ve written here before about the outsized impact my mother has had on my life, but aside from her, there’s another figure who stands tall in my memory: My grandpa, Harvey Hutchinson … CONTINUE READING

Cat peaking at you.

Making Decisions for the Kids After Divorce

In last month’s edition of this newsletter, we recounted three stories of couples who got divorced for some pretty weird reasons. Here are three more tales of divorce that go beyond “They just weren’t right for me.” … CONTINUE READING


Have you played the oldest games in the world?

People love to play games. When you play Angry Birds while waiting in line at the grocery store, you are actually participating in a long history of gaming that dates back to the earliest civilizations. Through the discovery of ancient game boards, archaeologists learned that the ancient Egyptians played a game called Senet in 3500 B.C. The rules were lost to time, but fortunately, there are plenty of … CONTINUE READING

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